How to Boost RAM in Windows Using Pen Drive?

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Reason For PC | Laptop Slow performance

In this article, Today we will see how to boost laptop/desktop RAM (memory) using Pen Drive. So let’s start… to Boost RAM in Windows Using Pen Drive

In today’s era, we always want the faster performance of our Laptop/Desktop devices. IF you are using 5 years or 10 years old Laptop Desktop machine then it may be possible you are facing frequent performance issues and your machine did not support the latest version of RAM and Processors.

In this case, if you do not want to upgrade your system/Machine hardware then you want some temporary solution that can boost your system performance.

So, you can boost your machine performance using a pen drive or external memory which supports boosting of your machine performance.

Now let’s see how we can boost the performance of machine using pend Drive.

Enabling pend drive as a RAM

First thing you need to do it plugin your pen drive in your machine and you will be able to see pen drive in your system as shown in below screen:

Pen drive/External memory

Next step is that right click on the pend drive as shown in below screen:

Right click on Pen drive

Boost RAM in Windows Using Pen Drive

As shown in above screen click on properties and you will be able to see below screen:

Properties screen of pen drive

We need to click on “ReadyBoost” option and here we can see three options:

  • Do not use this device.
  • Dedicate this device to ReadyBoost
  • Use this device.

To utilize pen drive as a booster you need to select the option “Use this device”. and if you want to permanently dedicate your pend drive for the ReadyBoost then you can select “Dedicate this device to ReadyBoost”.

You can select memory as per your system capacity in our case we cannot utilize more than 4GB so we are selecting 4GB memory (4094 MB) as shown in below screen:

boost ram in windows using pendrive
ReadyBoost option of Pen drive

Once you have selected the option to “Use this device” click on Apply after that “OK”. you have successfully boosted your system RAM as shown in the below screenshot:

How to boost ram in windows
RAM utilized 4gb

Disabling Pen drive as a RAM

To disable the pen drive as a RAM you need to follow the same steps as above just need to change the one option like “Do not use this Device” as shown in screen:

boost ram in windows
Disabling pen drive as a booster

You have successfully disabled your pend drive as a RAM booster.

Note: Never remove your pen drive directly if you are using it as a booster before removing the pen drive always disable it and then remove it safely.

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