Revised Announcement Submission of Request for availing Opt-Out facility from December 2020 to June 2021 Exam Session

Attention Students!

This is further to the announcement dated 4th December, 2020 issued in connection with “Opt Out” facility.

The Council of Institute at its 272nd meeting held on 19th December, 2020, has decided as under :

1. The “Opt Out” facility has been extended to all students enrolled for June, 2020 (merged with December 2020) and December, 2020 session of examinations.

2.Students may avail “Opt Out” facility, if they so desire, without mentioning any specific reason.

3. Students desiring to “Opt Out” from December, 2020 to June, 2021 Examination session may submit the online request at the following link:

4. A one-time option shall be given to the students to “opt out” from the December, 2020 sessions of examinations by carrying forward the credit of examination fee to June, 2021 examinations.

5. Last date for submitting request to avail the “Opt Out” facility without citing any specific reason is 31st December, 2020.

6. Notwithstanding the last date of 31st December, 2020 as mentioned above, if any student is availing “Opt Out” facility by submitting “Covid-19 Positive” certificate as per the earlier announcement dated 04.12.2020, the last date for submitting the request shall remain the same i.e. 15th January, 2021. For such students, the link for submitting online request shall be as under:

7. It is clarified that if any student submits request for availing “Opt-out” facility after appearing in all papers of the Module(s) for which he/she is scheduled to appear during December, 2020 session of examinations, such requests will be summarily rejected without notice.

8. On receipt of the Opt-Out request through the above mentioned online form, student’s enrollment for December, 2020 session shall be treated as cancelled and his/her candidature will be carried forward to June, 2021 session of examinations. Once the request is submitted, it will be treated as final and requests for its change/revocation will NOT be entertained under any circumstances.

This is a one-time facility being extended to the students considering the COVID-19 pandemic, without creating any precedent for future.

All students enrolled to appear in December, 2020 session of CS Examinations are advised to take note of the same.

(CS Asish Mohan)

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