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In the previous post, we saw “Understanding Basic Terms in the Jira Project – Part 2“. Now we will see the workflow in the Jira cloud instance.

What is Workflow?

In one word we can define workflow as the “business flow” of the Project. In the technical term, we can define as follows

Jira workflow consists of a set of Status and transition in which issue moves through one status to another status as per the business process.

Workflow can be associated with one project or multiple projects as per the business need.

In other word workflow will be associated with particular issue type as per the requirement.

Jira has built-in workflow which you can use or IF you want you can create your own workflow and associate with your project.

IF you have admin permission you can copy the existing workflow and associated with your project

Also, we can import workflow from various 3rd party apps which has been provided by Atlassian Marketplace.

Default workflow has limited status like “TODO’, “Open”, In Progress” “Done”

Workflow in Jira - EduTaxTuber
Simplified Default workflow in Jira

Statuses and Transitions

There are 2 main things in the workflow that is Statuses and Transitions:

Statuses: statuses show the progress of your project (Steps) like To Do, In Progress, Done, and Closed.

We can add our own customized status as per the business need.

Transitions: It shows the link from one statues to other statues. OR We can say that movement from one statues to another statues.

To move issues from one status to another status there should be a transition exist between two statues.

It is a one-way process if we want to move it back from existing statutes to the previous status (move back and forth) then we need to create one more transition.

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