Upcoming changes in Table-12 format of GSTR-1 Return

As per the latest tweet of GST Tech [@Infosys_GSTN]

The following changes are coming soon

1. Changes in format of GSTR-1 Return

2. Changes in number of digit of HSN Code to be reported

From 1st April, 2021 onwards, it is mandatory to report minimum 4 digit or 6 digit of HSN code in table 12 of GSTR-1 on the basis of Aggregate Turnover on PAN* in preceding financial year as mentioned below:


* Refer notification no. 78 and 79 /2020 – Central Tax both dated 15th October, 2020

# Option reporting 6 to 8 digit permitted

## Optional reporting at 8 digits permitted

### Minimum 4 digits of HSN code to be reported in case of optional reporting in such cases

See the latest tweet by GST Tech [@Infosys_GSTN]

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Create TDS Nature of Payment

From the gateway of Tally press “C” then select “TDS Nature of Payments” under the Statutory Masters and press Enter. OR Press “ALT + G” select Create Master press Enter and select “TDS Nature of Payment” under the Statutory Masters and hit the enter button.

To export any ledger from tally select that ledger and set the date from start to end you want it then select the format to excel and configure it as per your need then export it.

Let’s do this together, go to the balance sheet and click on the “Current Liabilities” under that click on “Duties and Taxes” after that press “F2” to select the start and end date.

Press “CTRL + E” and click on the configure button select the option that you want to enable it and hit the enter button. Select the file format……….Export Ledgers from Tally to Excel.

How to Print GST Invoice in TallyPrime?

To print invoice launch TallyPrime and select the company for which you want to print invoice.

From the gateway of TallyPrime go to > Day Book press “F4” and select the “Purchase” under voucher types click on that the purchase entry will open.

Press “ALT +P” and click on the “CuRrent” and select the option “Preview” and click on the “Zoom” option. Press “Esc” to out from the preview window.