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Unhide All Excel Sheets in One Click- VBA

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In this article, we will see how to unhide all the excel sheets in one click. First, we will hide all the excel sheets and then write a small VBA code to unhide all excel sheets in a single click.

First, hide the sheets that you want to unhide in a single click instead of unhiding one by one.  Hold “CTRL” and select the sheet. After selecting the sheets “Right Click” and then select “Hide”.

Now we will see how to unhide the sheet in a single click via VBA code.

Record macro in Personal workbook and then write code in the personal workbook so that it will be saved in all excel workbook:


  1. Record Macro and name the macro “Unhide_Sheets” or as you want to name that.
  2. Store Macro in “Personal Macro Workbook”.
  3. Click “OK” and stop recording from the left corner status bar.
  4. Launch VBA using “Alt + F11“.
  5. Search for Personal.XLSB. Click on the “+” sign and double click on “Module 1”
  6. Write the following code in Module 1

Under the Sub Procedure as above created macro like ” Sub Unhide_Sheets() ________Code______  End Sub”

Dim Sh as worksheet

For each Sh in worksheets

Sh.visible= True

Next Sh

7. Press “F5” to run this code.

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