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Text Function | How to use the Excel PROPER Function?

In the previous post, we saw ‘Text Function | How to use the Excel EXACT Function?‘, now we will learn about ‘How to use the Excel PROPER Function?’.

Where to Find the Text Function?

To find the text function in excel open excel and click on the “Blank” to open a blank excel worksheet now click on the ‘Formula Tab’ and under ‘Function Library’ click on the ‘Text’ option as shown below:

excel exact function

What is Excel PROPER Function?

The Excel PROPER function Capitalizes the first letter in a text string and any other letters in the text that follow any character other than a letter. It Converts all other letters to lowercase letters.




The PROPER function syntax has the following arguments:

Text    Required. Text enclosed in quotation marks, a formula that returns text, or a reference to a cell containing the text you want to partially capitalize.

Understand With Example

Suppose you are preparing financial statements and you came to the situation that some of the words are in the not proper format you can make it proper capital using the proper function.

If you do not want to display the formula simply copy it and paste it as paste special and select as the value in the same cell.

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