Text Function | How to use the Excel EXACT Function?

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In the previous post, we saw ‘Date & Time Function | How to Use the Excel DAYS Function?‘, now we will learn about ‘How to use the Excel EXACT Function?’.

Where to Find the Text Function?

To find the text function in excel open excel and click on the “Blank” to open a blank excel worksheet now click on the ‘Formula Tab’ and under ‘Function Library’ click on the ‘Text’ option as shown below:

excel exact function

What is Excel EXACT Function?

The Excel Exact function compares two text strings and returns true or false.

EXACT is case-sensitive but ignores formatting differences. Use EXACT to test text being entered into a document

In the excel function, the results True means the texts are alike and false means they are not.

situations where we would like to compare two values and check whether they are alike. If they are numeric values we can calculate the difference between the two.

If the difference is zero then the numbers are alike. However, when those two values are text strings, then we cannot perform any mathematical operations on them.


EXACT(text1, text2)


The EXACT function syntax has the following arguments:

Text1    Required. The first text string.

Text2    Required. The second text string.

Understand With Example

excel exact function

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