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What is Microsoft PowerPoint?

Microsoft PowerPoint is a software developed by Microsoft. It is basically a presentation tool, it is a part of Microsoft Office Suite.

It consists of slides in which you can insert text, tables, charts, pictures, animation, SmartArt, etc. By combining all this you can make a very effective presentation.

What You Can Do In PowerPoint?

  • Create Presentation from Very Basic or Using Template
  • Select a professional design with it’s designer
  • Add Image, Text, SmartArt, Animation etc.
  • Save to OneDrive, so that you can access from anywhere
  • Share your work and work with others, anywhere in the world.

How to Launch/ Open (Windows 10) ?

Open from Start Menu

Click on Start Menu -> # and Select Letter “P” you will find a PowerPoint icon click on that to open. Click on Blank Presentation to start a new one, See Below

Launch through Command Prompt (CMD)

Press “Windows button + R” after that type “Powerpnt” and press enter then It will open. Click on Blank Presentation to start a new one. See below

What is Ribbon in PowerPoint?

The ribbon is a collection of tabs, and each tab is divided into a specific group. The ribbon is a user interface i.e. through which the user gives the command to the specific task given in the different tabs.

The ribbon consists of following tabs:

File, Home, Insert, Design, Transitions, Animations, Slide Show, Review, Help, and one special “Tell me what you want to do”.

Click on the image below:

PowerPoint Ribbon

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