MCA : FAQs on the E-Consultation

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MCA FAQs on E-Consultation

1. What is E-consultation module?

E-consultation is an online platform, wherein public suggestions can be invited from various stakeholders in the form of comments and suggestions on the proposed amendments and/or draft legislations.

2. Who all are eligible to provide comments/suggestions?

Anyone can provide comments/suggestions either through guest access or registered user access.

3. How can I access the E-consultation module?

To access the E-Consultation module, user needs to navigate to MCA 21 homepage and select “E-consultation module” from the homepage. A detailed step by step guide on E-Consultation module is available on the homepage as an Introduction video.

4. How can I provide comments/suggestions?

Comments can be submitted by any of the following 2 methods: –
(a) Guest Access (non-registered user) without Login
(b) Registered user can login and access the module

5. Is it mandatory to have a registered user account on the MCA portal in order to post comments/suggestions in the module?

No, it is not mandatory to have a registered user account. A user can have a guest access (without login) on the e-consultation module page. However, to successfully post comments/ suggestions, the unregistered user is required to fill the user profile information form (by entering details such as Name, E-mail ID, Address, Name of the organization, Industry of operation etc.) and get his/her email Id and mobile number verified through OTP.

6. How and where can I access the documents for providing consultation comments/suggestions?

All the documents open for consultation shall be available with “Date of posting” and “Comments due date” on the home screen of E-Consultation page. The user can also use the search bar within E-Consultation module to perform keyword searches within the module in order to search for a particular document/document(s).

7. Is it possible to ‘Save’ the comments/suggestions and access them later?

The user can save their comments by clicking on the “Save” button at any given point of time. However, for guest users, the comments will be saved only for the particular session. In case the session is refreshed for any reason, the comments provided will be lost. But the registered users will be able to access their saved comments at a later point of time as well.

8. Can I add an attachment in support of my comment/suggestion?

Yes, the user can add attachment in support of his/her comments/suggestions. But it should not exceed the maximum size limit of 25 MB and the acceptable formats are PDF, DOC, PNG or JPEG.

9. How can I modify previously provided comments?

Users can modify their comments on the document any number of times, till the consultation is open on a particular document. In case the user decides to modify their comments, the previous comments will be overwritten, and new comments shall be proceeded with.

a. Registered users will be able to see their previously submitted comments on the E-Consultation page, post logging in. They can modify their comments by accessing the relevant document. However, it will be mandatory to Submit the new comments by clicking on the “Submit” action button, before the same is recorded.

b. Guest users (users who are not registered on MCA portal or users who did not login using their Registered login id while providing comments earlier) will also be able to modify their comments using the following steps:

❖ Proceed to provide comments on the document.

❖ Once they have finished providing their updated comments on the document, they are required to provide the same PAN/Aadhar/CIN/FCRN/LLPIN/FLLPIN that was used while providing the initial comments.

❖ A confirmation will be asked to overwrite the previously submitted comments. Once the user selects “Yes”, previous comments will be over-written.

10. Who all can see the comments/suggestions provided by me?

Comments posted by one user will not be available for view by other users. It shall be viewed only by the MCA backend users.

11. Are my personal details visible to everyone?

No. The user profile information (name, contact details, etc.) provided by users while submitting a comment shall be kept confidential and will only be available to the MCA backend users.

12. Can I provide comments without providing personal details?


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