Learn Excel – How to Use Slicers to Filter data in Excel?

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In the previous post, we saw ‘How to Total the Data in an Excel Table?’, now we will learn about how to use slicers to filter data in the Excel table?

Where to Find The Slicers Option?

This option will be activated after you click on it anywhere in the table- to find this option click on the ‘Design’ tab [the design tab will be visible only when you click on the table] after that under the Tools group click on the option ‘Insert Slicer’.

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Excel insert slicer option in table, excel


Click anywhere on the table and click on the ‘Insert’ tab under the filters group click on the ‘Slicer’ option

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Excel insert slicers via insert tab in excel table, slicers

Slicer is like a button with the help of that you can filter data.

Create a slicer to filter data

Using the same example, let’s create a slicer filter

1.Click anywhere in the table

2. The design tab will be activated, click on the design tab under the tools group click on the Insert Slicer or click on the Insert tab under the filters group click on the ‘Slicer’ option.

In the Insert Slicers dialog box, select the check boxes for the fields you want to display, then select OK.

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Insert slicer, excel, learn excel,- EduTaxTuber


  • If you want to select more than one item, hold Ctrl, and then select the items that you want to show.
  • To clear a slicer’s filters, select Clear Filter in the slicer.

Insert Slicer Using Shortcut Key

To insert slicer using shortcut key click anywhere in the table and press ‘ALT + N + SF’ [Shortcut key may be different just follow the key after pressing ‘ALT’ key].

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Insert slicers in excel table using shortcut key- EduTaxTuber

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