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If you are a tax practitioner or practicing Chartered Accountant then I am sure this tool will save your a lot of time but I am not sure that whether it is safe or not irrespective of that let’s see this tool called “Income Tax Credential Manager”.

Note: All the credit goes to the developer of this tool. I am only here sharing my views on this tool. Developed & Maintained by “CA Dhananjay Gokhale”. This is not any paid promotion.

Steps to install and use

Step 1

Visit on the “Google Chrome Webstore” as shown below:

Open the first link called “” it will look like this as shown below:

Step 2

In the google chrome web store search bar search “Income tax credential manager”

Step 3

After that click on “Income Tax Credential Manager” and click on “Add to Chrome” new pop will appear to click on “Add to extension”. “Income Tax Credential Manager” extension will be added to your chrome browser.

Step 4

After installing this tool now we will see how to use this?

Before this tool for login in e-filing portal you need to type ID, Password, and captcha code this is obviously taking a lot of time. But after installing this tool I think it saves time (in my point of view what’s your write below reply after reading this full article). Only you have to type “Captcha Code” and click on login.

Visit on the e-filing login portal and click on the extension sign on the top right corner of the google chrome browser and click on “Pin Extension”.

Now you can feed the data of client details in two way:

  • Single Client [Add / Edit / Delete]
  • Multiple Client [Import / Export]

Single Client [Add / Edit / Delete]

In Single Client [Add / Edit / Delete] click on “New” and insert

  1. Client Name
  2. User ID
  3. Password

After that click on “Save”

Multiple Client [Import / Export]

Copy data from excel and paste in the box “Paste Excel Selection Here” as shown below:

Step 5

Now after saving clients detail see how to login:

Visit on the e-filing login portal and click on the icon of the “Income Tax Credential Manager” search or select the client name you want to login after that click on the paste enter the captcha code and click on the login.

Browser Extension for managing Income Tax website credentials with one-click copy-paste functionality

This is a browser extension of easy management of your client credential of Income Tax. It is loaded with following functionalities
1) One-click Paste button to auto-fill User ID and password on login page
2) Searching client by name instead of complicated PAN
3) Copy-Paste based import of multiple client credentials via simple Excel template
4) Quick export (or backup) of client credentials to Excel file

Extension maintains complete privacy of credentials as they are stored there itself in browser storage (specific to that PC). Extension does not sends any data to external website.

As part of Open-Source inititative and for maintaining complete transparency, source code of this extension is made available on below URL

For any queries, doubts, issue, feedback, suggesations please contact developer
Developed & Maintained by: CA Dhananjay Gokhale
Whatsapp/Telegram: (+91) 90284-63366
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