How to View or Download Annual Information Statement (AIS)

In this article, we will see how to view or download the Annual Information Statement (AIS). Annual Information Statement (AIS) is a comprehensive view of information for a taxpayer displayed in Form 26AS.

New Update

Annual Information Statement (AIS) and Taxpayer Information Statement (TIS) for Financial Year 2021-22 is now Live on Income Tax Portal.

Taxpayer can provide feedback on the information displayed in AIS. AIS shows both reported value and modified value (i.e. value after considering taxpayer feedback) under each section (i.e. TDS, SFT, Other information).

Steps to View or Download Annual Information Statement (AIS)

1. Visit the e-filing portal (Login)

2. Enter the user ID (PAN/Aadhar/Other user ID), then click on the continue button.

3. Tick the check box (Please confirm your secure access message*) enter the password and click on the continue button.

4. Now you are in the dashboard > Hover on the “Services” tab and click on the “Annual Information (AIS)” as below shown

5. The new pop-up will come > On click of ‘Proceed’ button, you will be redirected to the AIS homepage on Compliance Portal.

Annual information Statement (AIS)

6. When you clock on the “Proceed” button > the new tab will open > compliance portal as shown below:

Annual Information Statement (AIS)

7. Click on the “AIS”> you will see the “F.Y. 2020-21” > here you can select the financial year.

You will see the AIS in two parts one - "Taxpayer Information Summary" and another one "Annual Information Statement" as shown below
Annual Information Statement (AIS)

8. Now click on the 2nd one “Annual Information Statement (AIS)” to view it as below shown:

Annual Information Statement (AIS)

9. When you click on the “Download” button the pop-up will come as below shown

Click on the “Download” and it is password protected.

The downloaded PDF will be password protected. To open the file, you will need to enter the combination of the PAN (in lower case) and the date of birth in case of individual taxpayer or date of incorporation/formation for the non-individual taxpayer in the format ddmmyyyy without any space. For example, if the PAN is AAAAA1234A and the date of birth is 21st January 1991 then your password will be aaaaa1234a21011991

In this way, you can view or download the new Annual information statement (AIS) from the new portal.

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Anup singh

Anup singh

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