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How to Use Excel Filter Shortcuts?

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In this article, we will learn about various ways to use excel filter shortcuts. Like how to apply filter, how to open the drop-down menu in excel filter etc. so let’s start…

1. How to apply Filter in Excel?

In the below-given example, we will take data from a list of top billionaires.

Excel filter:  list of Top Billionaires

Friends when you are working in excel and you want to apply filter in your data, so you will select the data and go to “Home” tab under the editing section > Sort & Filter > Filter, then in your data filter will be applied. Or you can do it via Data tab > Sort & Filter > Filter.

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Excel filter: Apply filter in excel

You can do this using shortcut key from the keyboard“CTRL + SHIFT + L” and the tada filter will be applied.

Excel filter: CTRL + SHIFT + L

2. Open the Dropdown Menu in Excel Filter

After you applied filter in your data, you can use the dropdown menu in each of column header.

You will see that each header has a drop-down list, Press “ALT + (Down Arrow Key) ↓” from the keyboard.

Excel filter: ALT + Down Arrow Key

3. How to Enable Searchbar in Excel Filter Menu?

To do that come to the drop-down icon and press “ALT + (Down Arrow Key) ↓ + E” the cursor will start blinking in the search bar. Start typing the name/value you want to filter.

Excel filter: enable search bar in dropdown menu in excel

4. How to Clear Filter in Specific Column?

Go to the column Press “ALT + (Down Arrow Key) ↓ + C” , it will remove/clear filter to only that cell

Excel Filter: ALT + Down arrow + C

5. How to clear Filter from multiple Columns or Range?

Go anywhere in the dropdown menu icon and press ” ALT + H + S= C”

Remove excel filter in all column

6. Custom Filter Dialog Box

To do that, make sure filter is applied to your data. Press ” “ALT + (Down Arrow Key) ↓ + F + E” . See the below step by step details:

excel filter: custom filter dialog box

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