How to Split Text into Different Columns in Excel?

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In the previous post we saw “How to Hide and Unhide Rows and Columns in Excel 2016?“, now we will see “How to split the text into different columns in excel?” So let’s start…

Why do we need to split the text?

Sometime when we are working with the excel we may find some data like this:

and we want to split in the proper format like First Name: Jethalal Last Name: Mhatre like this. To do this we need to use the “Text to Columns” wizard.

Split the text

To split the text select the cell or column that you want to split. Go to “Data” tab and click on the “Convert Text to Columns Wizard“.

Select the option “Delimited” by default this option is enabled after that click on the next button tick the option “Comma” and “Space” click on the Next button.

Select the destination and click on the “Finish” button. Let’s see..

Split Text Using Shortcut Key

To split the text using the shortcut key first, select the column- press “CTRL + SPACE”.

After that press “ALT + A + E” the “Convert Text to Columns Wizard- Step 1 of 3” screen will be open, by default the “Delimited” option will be selected press “Enter”.

Hold the “SHIFT” key and press the “TAB” key to go to the option for selection. To select that option press the “SPACE” key and to move to the next option press the “TAB” key.

Using the “TAB” key you can select the option and press enter to enable that option.

Using above- Hold the “SHIFT” key and press the “TAB” key to tick the “SPACE” and “COMMA” option or you can use the shortcut key “ALT+C” and “ALT+S”.

After that using the “TAB” key select the option “NEXT” and press enter button and finally press enter button let’s see…

In this way you can split the text into different columns.

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