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Reason to scan windows!

In daily life, we are always connected to the internet, during access of the internet some website is malicious or can affect your windows system. There may be the various reason which can cause performance issue or your system becoming slow day by days.

To avoid all these issues you need to scan your machine regularly or scheduled time so that you will be always having good performance and also safe from the various types of threats, viruses, and other types of attacks.

Sometimes you are inserting external devices (Pen drive, external HDD, Memory card, etc.) which can also be a carrier of the virus.

Scan types

You can perform multiple type of scans:

  1. Quick Scan:
  2. Full Scan:
  3. Custom Scan:
  4. Microsoft Defender Offline Scan:

How to open Scan options in windows 10

Before going into details of scan types let’s see how we can open the scan option in windows.

1st way click on the windows search bar and type “Virus & threat protection ” as shown in the below screen:

2nd way you can go to the taskbar and click on the hidden icon as shown below screen:

By default when you will follow any of the above methods you will be landed on the below screen as shown here:

If you want to perform a quick scan you can click on “Quick Scan” and your scan will be started.

Now, let us discuss in details each scan type:

  1. Quick Scan: you can perform a quick scan when you need to scan only your system file where most of the virus or threat found:
  2. Full Scan: Check all the files and running programs on your hard disk. This scan may take more time depending upon the number of software and file size in your machine. It can take more than 1 hour to complete the full system scan.
  3. Custom Scan: if you want to perform a scan for a certain folder or software where you are having doubt virus can be then you can select that particular location or software in your machine and start custom scanning.
  4. Microsoft Defender offline Scan: Some malicious software will be difficult to remove from your machine. in this case Microsoft defender offline can help and find to remove them using the latest threat definition. This will restart your device and will take about 15 minutes.

Below screen shows the current scanning:

Once Scan completed you will be able to see below screen:

Note: If you want to cancel your current scan you can cancel it anytime.

Congratulation you have successfully completed Scan of your machine.

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