Raise EPF Grievance
Raise EPF Grievance

How to Raise EPF Grievance or Complaints Online? Step by Step Guide

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In this article, we will see how to raise EPF Grievances or complaints online. So read the full article in detail.

Why to Raise EPF Grievance?

  • EPF withdrawal-related issue.
  • Transfer of EPF account related issue
  • Know Your Customer (KYC) related issue (Name or date of birth mismatch)
  • EPF Pensioners.
  • Employers can use this portal to raise the grievance.

and other issues related to complaints can be filed through the EPF i Grievance Management System

Steps to Raise Grievance

Visit EPF i Grievance Management System, it will look like below shown

Raise EPF Grievance

Select the appropriate Status (as shown above in image) if you have a UAN / PPO Number / Establishment Number. Others to be selected only when you do not have UAN / PPO Number/ Establishment Number.

Select PF Member then below the option

Do you have claim-ID? Yes NO (Select the appropriate option)

If selected “NO” enter the Universal Account Number (UAN) and enter the Security Code after that click on the “Get Details” button. You will the details as below shown:

Raise EPF Grievance or Complaints

Click on the “GET OTP” button.

Raise EPF Grievance or Complaints online - EduTaxTuber

Enter the OTP received on Mobile or e-mail and click on the “Submit” button. You will see the screen as below shown:

Raise EPF Grievance or Complaints online - EduTaxTuber

You will see UAN details, Personal details, and grievance details.

In personal details fill the required details and security code.

In Grievance, details select the PF number to lodge a grievance against. You will get a pop up when you select the PF number as below shown

raise epf grievance or complaints

Here 1st you need to select grievance related to

2nd select the grievance category from the given list

3rd write the grievance description (elaborate your issue )

4th Choose file related to the grievance and click on the attach button

6th Click on the “Add” button

Now the pop-up will close you need to verify personal details, enter the security code (if changed) also once preview your grievance details after that click on the “Submit” button.

After submission, you will receive a complaint registration number on your mobile number and on your e-mail id (Note: sometimes the complaint registration number is not sent, so take a note of the complaint registration number).

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