How to Join Text and Number Together in Excel?

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In the previous post we saw “How to Join text in Microsoft Excel?”, now we will see how to join text and numbers together in excel.

How to Join Text & Number?

To join text and number we can use ampersand symbol “&” and also concatenate function in excel.

Let’s see with the example

text number in excel

Join Text and Date in Excel

You can join text and date in the same way as we saw above but there is an issue that after joining it look like “Today’s date: 44214”.

Let’s now under stand the problem

text number in excel

Unfortunately, Excel doesn’t know how you want to format the numbers, so it breaks them down to their basest format, which is the Serial date in this case.

We need to explicitly tell Excel how to format the number portion of the formula, so it displays the way you want in the resulting text string. You can do that with the TEXT function and a format code.

Let’s see solution

text number in excel

Join Text and Time

We can join text and time in the same way but there is the same issue as we saw with the date. We can solve it via Text function.

text number in excel

In this way you can join text and numbers.

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