How to Find the GST Rate | HSN & SAC Code?

In this post, we will see “How to find GST Rate | HSN/SAC Code?”, for business to run under GST smoothly you should know what is the GST rate for goods or services and also HSN/SAC code.

What is HSN?

HSN: Harmonized System of Nomenclature. HSN System used for classifying the goods under the GST. This HSN system- developed by the World Customs Organization (WCO) for the purpose of classifying goods across the world.

It comprises of 5000 plus products, each identified by 6 digit code and this code can be extended.

How to Find HSN/ SAC?

To find HSN/SAC search CBIC GST and open that link, it will look like this:

After the website opens hover on the “Services” menu and click on the “GST Rates”, The CBIC GST is the official website.

Here you can find your goods HSN code or SAC code and description of the Goods/ Services. The GST rate and HSN/SAC finder screen will look like this

FIND HSN ( for Goods)

As we saw above the screen for the GST Rate finder. Click on the “Goods” button

Here you can search in two way:

1. Chapter/ Heading / Sub-heading/ Tariff item

2. Description of Goods.

Type the details that you are looking for and click on the search icon, lets see..

In the description of goods search and you will find your search result.

Find SAC ( For Services)

SAC stands for “Service Accounting Code”, this code is used for the classification of services. To find SAC from the GST Rate finder screen click on the “Services” button.

Here you can search in two way:

1. Chapter/ Section / Heading

2. Description of Services.

In the description of services search for the services and click on the search icon.

In this way you can find the HSN code for goods and SAC code for services.

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