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In the previous post we saw “How to export ledgers from TallyPrime?”, now we will see how to enable TDS in TallyPrime.

How to Enable TDS?

From the gateway of TallyPrime press “F11” the features popup will come in that under the “Taxation” group enable Tax Deducted at Source (TDS) to “YES”

If you do not see this option:

  • Set Show more features to Yes.
  • Set Show all features to Yes.
Enable TDS in TallyPrime

After enabling it to “YES” The TDS Deductor Details screen will appear.

Configure [ Press F12 ]

To configure it press “F12”

1. Set the option Show All Deductor type to Yes, to view all the Deductor types.

2.Set the option Enable surcharge and cess details for TDS to Yes, to enter the surcharge and cess details.

3. Set the option Provide alternate contact details to Yes, to enter the company’s STD CodePhone No. and E-Mail.

After that press “CTLR + A” to save it.

1. Enter the TAN registration number.

2. Enter the Tax deduction and collection Account Number (TAN).

3. Select the Deductor Type.

4. Enter the details of Deductor branch/division.

5. Enable the option Set/alter details of the person responsible to display the Person Responsible Details screen. Enter the relevant details:

6. Press Enter. The TDS Deductor Details screen appears.

7. Set Ignore IT Exemption Limit for TDS Deduction to:

  • Yes, if you don’t want to consider the IT exemption limit.
  • No, if you want to consider the IT exemption limit.

8. Set Activate TDS for stock items to:

  • Yes, if you want to define TDS rate in stock item.
  • No, if you do not want to define TDS rate in stock item.

9. Set Provide surcharge and cess details to Yes.

10. In the TDS Deductor Details screen, press F12 (Configure) > set Enable surcharge and cess details for TDS to Yes.

11. Enter the surcharge and cess details for each deductee status. You can enter the required surcharge slab details with the applicability date.

12. Accept the screen. As always, you can press Ctrl+A to save.

In the next post, we will see How to Create TDS Nature of Payment and TDS Ledgers.

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