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How to download ITR form (Java/Excel)?

For filing Income Tax Return you need to download the ITR form after that fill the same form and upload it to the e-filing portal ( if not using any software else there is no need to download the ITR form).

Steps to Download Income Tax Return Forms:

Step 1: Go to the Income Tax India website

Step 2: Under the “Download” section select “ITR Return Preparation Software” after that click on “Continue”.

Step 3: After clicking on “Continue” read the instructions carefully and select “Assessment Year”.

Instruction for use of offline utilities:

  • Select the Assessment Year
  • Download either excel or Java utility. The utility by default will get downloaded in your system ‘download’ folder in a compressed mode (ZIP file)
  • Extract (un-compress) the zip file containing the utilities. The folder will be extracted in the same location where the compressed utility was downloaded. Open the utility and start filling.
  • Excel Utilities:  Macro enabled MS-Office Excel version 2010/2013/2016 on Microsoft Windows 7 / 8 /10 with .Net Framework (3.5 & above)
  • Java Utilities:  Microsoft Windows 7/8/10, Linux, and Mac OS 10.x with JRE (Java Runtime Environment) Version 8 with the latest updates.
    JRE can be downloaded from https://java.com/en/download/

Step 4: Now you can download the ITR form. You can either download the Excel version or the Java utility.

After downloading the form you need to extract it to your desired folder and now you can open the form.

If You have any queries related to the Income Tax Return Form please do write in the below comment box.🤔✨

5 thoughts on “How to download ITR form (Java/Excel)?”

  1. I have a query. I receive rent from the tenant of my son’s house. I think that this should be shown in the schedule “income from other sources”. Please let me know under which clause of tab OS in Excel Utility of ITR2, should it be entered. Thanks.

    1. EduTaxTuber Team

      If house is in the name of your son it should be shown in your son’s income and rent should be shown in house property not in OS.OS is other source means (if it not fall under any head of income like salary,HP,PGBP,CG then it will go to OS). Please first make sure which ITR form is applicable in your case. If you have any doubt let me know.

      1. House is in son’s name. He is NRI and does not have any income in India. The rent is received by me. Therefore I think that the rent will be added to my income under Other Sources.

        1. If rent on house property is income of NRI then in that it should be liable to tax in there individual hand instead of father and son’s income is only source of income and no other source available and that income not exceed basic exemption limit then NRI can file form no 13 for NIL TDS and lower TDS certificate u/s 197 of income tax act and income not chargeable to tax in their individual hands

  2. Hi sir , @U.C.Dubey , The rental income received by you for the House Property owned by your NRI Son’s , is taxable in his hand itself under the head “Income from House Property” and if he doesn’t have any other income in india and Rent Accrued in india doesn’t exceed 2.5L P.A. then your son need not file income Tax return in India.
    And with regard to Rent received by you on his behalf , you can show it as a Gift received from Relatives(Son) (with a gift deed) which is exempt from income Tax act 1961.

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