How to Download GST Registration Certificate?

In this article, we will see “How to download GST Registration Certificate?”. You can download the GST Registration certificate after your application gets approved. So let’s start…

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Welcome to GST Family

After your GST Registration Application approved, you can download GST Certificate online. You will receive welcome mail from Team GST, mail will look like this:

This mail will contain your GSTIN and login credentials. You can login to your account.

Note: Please DO NOT share your credentials with anyone.

Login to GST Portal

Visit the GST portal and click on the “Login” button, see the image below

Enter the Username and Password and click on the login button.

Your GST Dashboard screen will appear, from this dashboard, you can access all the services like file return, pay tax, check your Electronic ledger, Generate GST Payment Challan, etc.

Go to Services Menu

From your GST Dashboard click on the “Services” menu and hover on “User Services” and click on the “View/ Download Certificates”.

click on the download icon.

Select the path to save it, your GST Registration certificate will be downloaded. In this way, you can download your GST Certificate.

You can not download the GST certificate without login, you must log in to download your GST Certificate.

If you want to know “How to do GST Registration of proprietorship?”, then you should refer to this article. Each and every step are explained in detail. After reading this article you can do GST Registration.

How to do GST Registration? | Proprietorship Firm

In this article, we will see in detail step by step process for GST registration of a Proprietorship ( Individual) Firm. So Let’s Start. Documents Required (Proprietorship) 1. PAN Card 2. Mobile Number 3.E-Mail ID 4. Passport size Photo (Up to 100 KB Size ) 5. Aadhar Card 6. Registered…

After submitting GST Application status, you need to check whether the application is approved or not for this you can refer to this article.

How to Check GST Registration Status- GST Application Status

After submitting GST Registration Application you will receive an Application Reference Number (ARN) through which you can track your application status. So let’s start… Check GST Registration Status- ARN To check GST Registration status via ARN without login, you need to visit the GST Portal click on the “Services” menu…

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