How to do GST Registration? | Proprietorship Firm

In this article, we will see in detail step by step process for GST registration of a Proprietorship ( Individual) Firm. So Let’s Start.

Documents Required (Proprietorship)

1. PAN Card

2. Mobile Number

3.E-Mail ID

4. Passport size Photo (Up to 100 KB Size )

5. Aadhar Card

6. Registered Business/Office Address proof:-

If Self-owned property then any one of the following details required

Copy of Electricity bill, Landline bill, Water bill, Municipal khata copy, Property tax receipt (Latest Required)

If Rented property: Rent agreement and No objection certificate (NOC) from the owner of the rented property or Consent Letter of the owner of the property.

7. Bank Passbook or Bank Statement First page

Step by Step Guide

Step 1: Visit GST Portal

Visit the GST Portal and click on the “Services” menu and hover on “Registration”, click on “New Registration”. The new registration screen will appear like this let’s see…

In the “New Registration” fill the details:

I am a * – select the dropdown from the list “Taxpayer”.

State / UT * – Select the state from the dropdown list. Choose your state.

District* – Select the “District” from the dropdown list

Legal Name of the Business (As mentioned in PAN)* – Enter the name as per PAN details.

Permanent Account Number (PAN)* – Enter PAN details.  (If you don’t have PAN, Click here to apply).

Email Address* – Enter the e-mail address (OTP will be sent to this Email Address).

Mobile Number* – Enter the mobile number (Separate OTP will be sent to this mobile number).

Type the characters and click on proceed.

Step2: Generate TRN

After click on the “Proceed” button, you will receive two OTP 1. in the given mobile number and 2. in the given e-mail address. Enter both the OTP and click on the Proceed button.

After that Temporary Reference Number (TRN) will be sent to your Mobile No. and E-Mail ID.

Step3: Login Using TRN and Fill-up the Application

1. Visit the GST Portal and click on the “Services” menu and hover on “Registration”, click on “New Registration”, in that select the radio button of “Temporary Reference Number” (TRN).

2. Enter the TRN received in mobile and enter the characters you see in the image below and click on proceed, you will receive OTP enter the OTP, and click on the proceed button.

You will see “My Save Application”. Click on the “Action” button to fill the application details.

The application screen will look like this as below shown

In this application you will find 10 different tab that you need to fill to complete the profile to 100%

First Tab: Business Details:

Details of your Business- in this tab you need to fill your business details :

Legal Name of the Business: This is auto populated from system.

Permanent Account Number (PAN): This is auto populated from system.

Trade Name: Enter your business name

Constitution of Business (Select Appropriate): Select the proprietorship

Select your district from the dropdown lists

Select the Reason to obtain registration and Indicate Existing Registrations, if you have already enrolled for any registration enter their details.

Click on Save and continue button.

Second Tab: Promoter / Partners:

Details of Proprietor – here you need to enter the details of Proprietor like 1. Personal Information, 2. Identity Information, 3.  Residential Address 4.Document Upload: Upload photo 5. Other Information.

Third Tab: Authorized Signatory:

Details of Authorized Signatory- In the previous tab under other information if you have selected “Also Authorized Signatory “ then you need not fill any detail in this tab just tick on “Primary Authorized Signatory” and click on save and continue.

Fourth Tab: Authorized Representative:

Details of Authorized Representative- If you have any authorized representative then enable this tab else save and continue.

Fifth Tab: Details of Principal Place of Business:

Details of Principal Place of Business, here you need to fill 1. Address of business, 2. Center Jurisdiction- choose your jurisdiction 3. Contact Information- auto-populated but you can edit it, 4. Nature of possession of premises- Select the appropriate option and upload the document, 5. Nature of Business Activity being carried out at above-mentioned premises – select the applicable option. Click on Save and continue.

Sixth Tab: Additional Places of Business

Details of Additional Places of your Business

Important! If you need to add details on additional places of business:

1. Go to Principal Place of Business tab.

2. Select Yes for Have Additional Places of Business

If you don’t have any additional place of business, click on Save and continue you need no to fill any information here.

Seventh Tab: Goods and Services

Under this tab you will find two tabs:

1. Goods: Details of Goods / Commodities supplied by the business (Please specify top 5 Commodities). Search HSN Chapter by Name or Code

2. Services: Details of Services offered by the Business (Please specify top 5 Services). Search by Name or Code

Click on Save and continue.

Eighth Tab: State Specific Information

State Specific Information like

1. Professional Tax Employee Code (EC) No.

2. Professional Tax Registration Certificate (RC) No.

3. State Excise License No.

4. Name of the person in whose name Excise Licence is held

If you have any information as above mentioned enter that information and click on save and continue.

Ninth Tab: Aadhaar Authentication

Aadhaar Authentication: Do you want to opt for Aadhaar Authentication of details of Promoter/Partner, Primary Authorized Signatory added by you?

It is advisable that you choose “Yes” because via this process GST registration certificate will be issued within 1 to 3 working days.

(Authentication request shall be shared on mobile number, email upon submission of the application of Promotor/Partner, and Primary Authorized Signatory which are selected.)

If you choose “NO”, then 1. The application will be marked for Site visit mandatorily. 2. If you wish you can upload E-KYC documents for the Primary Authorized signatory and at least one Promotor/Partner to proceed further. It may take more than month to take GST registration.

Click on Save and Continue.

Tenth tab: Verification

Tick the declaration (I hereby solemnly affirm and declare that the information given herein above is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief and nothing has been concealed therefrom.)

Select the name of “Name of Authorized Signatory”

Enter the Place and click on “Submit with EVC”

Enter the EVC code received on the mobile number and email id and submit it finally.


1. After the application is submitted you should do Aadhar authentication and then only your application is considered as submitted.

2. After the application is submitted you will receive a link for Aadhar Authentication. Click on the link and it will ask for the Aadhar number of the Proprietor. Please provide the Aadhar number ( Make sure that your mobile number is working in which you linked with the Aadhar) and click on proceed to generate Aadhar OTP and provide the OTP and click on submit. You Will Receive e-mail like this:

3. The OTP will come to the Aadhar linked mobile number of the proprietor and not to the Mobile number which is provided in the Registration application.

When you click on the link received on the e-mail for “Hyperlink for Authentication of Aadhaar of the Applicant”, it will look like

Application Reference Number (ARN)

After the Aadhar Authentication is completed you will receive the Application Reference Number (ARN) which means your application is finally submitted to tax authorities for verification. Intimation of ARN email will look like this

GST Certificate

After getting ARN within 1 to 3 working days you will get a GST certificate, only if the details submitted by you are correct.

You will receive mail like this:

After the application is approved you will get the login credentials to your email- id and then use these Credentials to create new Credentials. It is mandatory to change the Old Credentials.

Bank Details:

Login to GST portal via new credential that you created. The system will ask for providing the Bank account details.

Enter the the bank account details ( A/c Number, IFSC and bank branch details etc.) and submit it using EVC.

After the bank account details are submitted then you can download the GST Certificate which is available at Downloads section.

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