How to Create a Project in Jira?

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In the previous post, we saw User management-related topics in the Jira cloud. Now we will see how we can create a project in Jira and manage it.

Creation of Project

In today’s era, we want to manage our project in a more effective way so that we can deliver the best thing to the customer in a faster, smarter, and cheaper way.

Jira itself supports Agile methodology and we don’t need to depend on any other tool to achieve agility, so using the Jira project management tool we can achieve faster delivery.

Let’s see how to create project in Cloud instance.

  • Login to your Cloud/Server instance by providing your credential and you should have Jira admin permission to create and manage the project. Here we are using cloud instance and already logged in and you will be able to see the below screen:
How to Create a Project in Jira?
Main screen of Jira

There are 2 way of creation project:

Direct from Menu tab project creation

Lets see step by step how we can create project from menu tab

  • Go to your homepage and in the menu tab, there is the option of “Projects”. Click on “Projects and select “Create project” as shown in the below screen:
Create a Project in Jira
Menu tab creation of project
  • Once you will click on Create project below screen will be open and you need to select type of project as per your business need. In our case we are going with Classic project
Create a Project in Jira
type of project
  • Click on “Select classic” and provide your “Project name” and “key”.
How to Create a Project in Jira
Project creation screen
  • You can also select Template as per your business need like Kanban, Scrum, and Bug-Tracking as shown in the below screen:
Jira project
Selection of Template
  • Once you have provided project name, key and selected template then click on Create.
  • Your project will be created successfully as shown in below screen:
Create a Project in Jira
Development of python project screen

Congratulation you have successfully create project in Jira.

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