After learning about “Introduction to Microsoft Excel” now it’s time to move further. So today we will learn about, ways to create a new workbook in Microsoft Excel.

What is a workbook?

A workbook is a collection of Worksheets or a workbook is a file that contains one or more worksheets. It help’s you to organize your data. You can create a new workbook from a blank workbook or a template.

Create a New Blank Workbook

  1. Open/Launch Excel. When you open Excel you will see the option of “Blank Workbook”

2. Select/ Double Click “Blank Workbook”

3. Now start working in Excel.

Open Excel Workbook

Create a New Workbook While Working in Excel

If you are already working on a workbook and you want to create a new workbook then, click on the “File” tab (on the Top-left corner) and then select “NEW” from the left sidebar.

Create a New workbook via Shortcut

Suppose you are already working in Excel and you want to create a new workbook. For that press “CTRL + N” new workbook will be open.

Excel New workbook shortcut

Create a new Workbook from a template

Select/Click on the “File” tab (on the Top-left corner) and after that click on “More Templates”.

Select the “Templates” that you want to use and click on create button.

Microsoft Excel provides access to online databases with multiple options of templates which you can modify as per your need.

Click on “Search for Online templates”. For e.g. search for “Budget” and click on the search icon, select the template you like and click on the “Create” button, and start working with the templates. To get online templates you required an internet connection.

You can find templates like Pivot Table Tutorial, Academic Calendar, Expense Budget, Employee attendance record, Gantt project planner, Social Media Analytics Report, Inventory List, etc.

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If you face any issue while creating a new workbook in excel, please do write your query below in the comment box!