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How to Create a New Document in Microsoft Word?

After learning about the “For Beginners: Introduction to Microsoft Word“, now we will start from scratch i.e. how to create a new document in Microsoft word. So let’s start.

Let’s Create a New Blank Document

1.Launch/open the word using Command Prompt (CMD)/ Start Menu.

2.Click on the “Blank document”

3. Start Typing like “How To Create a New Document” and make it title.

Edit word document and make it to title.

After making it to the title, start writing your content and make it as you want to make it.

Create A Document using Template

While at the time of creating the above document you want to use “Template” then click on the “File” and then click on the “More Templates” you will find the search box, in that search box type templates that you want to use like “Resume”, Party Invitation, Brochure, etc. Start editing the template and make it as per your needs. Make sure that you have a proper internet connection.

Start Formatting Document

Format Text

To format your content, select it, and select the option from the “Ribbon” or right-click and select the options like Bold, Italic, underline, Bullets, Numbering, etc.

You can also use shortcut like:

To make it, bold “CTRL + B”, Italic “CTRL + I”, Underline “CTRL + U”

let’s see:

Add Table of Contents, Tables, Pictures

To add “Table of Contents” you need to go to the “References” tab and select the table of contents like ( Automatic Table 1, Automatic Table 2, Manual Table) that you want to insert.

See the below image:

Insert Table of Contents Microsoft Word

Go to the “Insert” Tab and select the “Table” hover over the selected table and click on the size of the table that you want like ” 1X1, 3X2, 3X4″.

See the below Image:

Insert Table in Microsoft Word

Similarly you can Insert


Select Shapes, and then select a shape from the drop-down Lists.


Select Icons, choose the one you want, and select Insert.


Select Pictures, browse for the picture you want, and select Insert.

Online Pictures:

Select Online Pictures, search and choose the picture you want, and select Insert.

Save It

After finalizing your document now it’s time to save it to the path that where you want to save it.

Click on “File” and select “Save As” and after that select the path where you want to save it. Name your document and click on save.

Save Word File

If you face any issue while creating your Microsoft word document, please do write your query below in the comment box.

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