How to Create a Drop Down List in the Microsoft Excel?

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Create a Drop Down List

In the previous post, we saw ‘How to Use Excel ABS Function?’, now we will learn about How to Create a Drop Down List in the Microsoft Excel?’.

Where to find List [Drop Down] option

To find the list option in excel open excel and click on the “Blank” to open a blank excel worksheet now click on the ‘Data Tab’ and under ‘Data Tools’ click on the ‘Data Validation’ option then data validation screen will appear you will find the allow in that select list from the drop-down as shown below:

The drop-down list are pretty easy to make, and they are very handy once you have them working in excel.

Create Drop-Down List

To create a drop-down list first we will understand with example how it is useful

Suppose you have given a task like the current work status of employees and you need to give the report to the manager then you can use the drop-down list feature so let’s see

Employee NameStatus of Work
Jetha LalCompleted
MaheshIn review
Sharma ji

In the above table, you need to individually type the status like In process, In review, Completed.

Now open excel and copy the above table after that in the same sheet somewhere type ‘Work Status List’ in that feed the data In process, In review, Completed and make it as a table from insert tab tick the option my table had header let’s see

Now in the above table under the status of work select the [excluding heading] cell till where you want to insert a list to do that click on the Data Tab>> Data Validation >> List and in source select the cells of ‘Work Status List’ table excluding the heading and click on the ‘OK’ button. Now there is drop-down list is available you can select it as shown below:

In this way, you can create a drop-down list. Even in the Work stats list, you can add more details it will automatically update in the drop-down list.

excel drop down

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