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How to Create a Chart in Microsoft Excel?

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In the previous post, we saw ‘How to Use Slicers to Filter data in Excel?’, now we will learn about how to Create a Chart in Microsoft Excel?

Where to Find The Excel Chart Option?

To find the excel chart option click on the “Insert” tab under the Charts group select the chart that you want to use.

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Excel Insert chart- Edutaxtuber

Create a chart


With the help of this data let’s create a chart in excel

2021        2,54,03,730
2020           69,50,193
2019        2,34,63,494
2018           21,09,367
2017        2,62,54,412
2016        4,99,69,893
2015        3,90,56,289
2014        3,21,52,046

First, select the data then click on the “Insert” tab after that click/Select a chart on the Recommended Charts tab, to preview the chart, and finally click on ‘OK’ to insert the chart.

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Excel Insert chart- Edutaxtuber

Shortcut to Insert Chart

First, select the data then press ‘ALT + F1’ to create a chart

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Excel insert chart - Edutaxtuber

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