How to Copy Workflow in Jira?

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In the previous post, we saw “How to create a workflow and add statues, transitions in Jira?“. Now we will see how to copy a workflow in Jira.

How to copy a workflow?

Copying workflow is very important in Jira as Jira active workflow does not allow some modification which is needed after the workflow design.

In this case, we can copy the existing workflow and then associate it with the required project or issue type as per the business need.

Please follow the below steps:

  • Go to Setting (Jira Admin option) and click on it.
  • Select Issues as shown below screenshot:
copy workflow-jira-EduTaxTuber
Admin setting option

  • Once you clicked on “Issues” below screen will be open and then you need to select workflow
copy workflow-jira-EduTaxTuber | Workflow selection screen - Edutaxtuber
Workflow selection screen

  • When you will select “Workflow” the below screen will be open.
copy workflow-jira-EduTaxTuber | Workflow main view- edutaxtuber
Workflow main view

  • Now we are able to see 3 options below “Action”.
  • Those options are “View”, “Edit” and “Copy” as shown below screen.
copy workflow-jira-EduTaxTuber | Option in workflow for copying - EduTaxTuber
Option in workflow for copying
  • If we want to view it then we can just click on view and workflow will be open in view mode.
  • IF we want to edit it then just click on edit and workflow will be open in edit mode.
  • Since here we are seeing copying steps so we are going to click on “Copy”
  • Once we will click on a copy it will ask to provide a name.
  • We just need to provide the new name as we are copying so we cannot use the same name as shown on the below screen

copy workflow-jira-EduTaxTuber | Copying existing workflow - EduTaxTuber
Copying existing workflow

  • Once workflow will be copied by default it will be inactive and now we can perform the changes in workflow as shown in below screen:
copy workflow-jira-EduTaxTuber | Inactive workflow - edutaxtuber
Inactive workflow
  • Now we can add the status and Transitions as per our business need.
  • Once you done with changes just associate with the required issue type.
  • Once you will associate it will become active.

Now we have successfully copied workflow.

NOTE: To activate this workflow follow the previous article

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