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How to Apply Different Themes in the Microsoft Word Document?

In the previous post, we saw How to Apply Different Styles in the Microsoft Word Document?’ now we will learn about how to Apply Themes in the Microsoft Word Document?

Where to Find this option?

To find this option Launch Word from the Start menu (Windows 10) Click on Start Menu-> # and Select Letter “W” you will find a word icon click on that to open.

Launch Word via Start

Select your word document file or click on the ‘Blank Document’ option and start typing. Click on the ‘Design’ tab (by default home tab is selected) under the Document Formatting group you will find the Theme option as shown below:


With the help of a theme you can quickly format an entire document and give it a modern, professional look. To do that Select Design > Themes.

Shortcut Key to Apply Different Themes

You can use the keyboard shortcut ‘ALT + G + TH‘ and select the themes from the up and down arrow button to get the preview to apply that hit the enter button as shown below:


Shortcut Key:

‘ALT + G + TH’

Understand With – Example

Open the Microsoft Word click on the ‘More Templates’ that is visible on the right side. After that you will find the search bar on the downside click on that and search article and select your article click on the create option and apply any theme using the shortcut key ‘ALT + G + TH’ as shown below:

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