How to Add and Edit Text in Microsoft Word?

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In the previous post we saw “How to create a new Document?“, now we will see how to add and edit the text in word document? So let’s start…

How to add Text?

Launch/ open the Microsoft word, and place the cursor where you want to add text or edit the text and start typing lets see…

Add and edit text in word

How to Replace Text?

If you want to replace the existing text then just select that and start typing. To select a single word, double-click it. To select a line, click to the left of it.

Add and edit text in word

How to Format Text?

Select the text you want to format after that Select an option to change the font, font size, font color, or make the text bold, italics, or underline.

Add and edit text in word

Copy Formatting

Select the text with the formatting you want to copy.

Click on the icon

Format Painter

Format painter, and then select the text you want to copy the formatting to.

Note: Tip: Double-click Format Painter Format painter if you want to copy the formatting in more than one place.

In this way you can add, replace and format text in word. It is easier to learn Microsoft word. Follow each step you will learn in detail.

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