How to Activate/Associate Jira Workflow with project?

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In the previous post, we saw “What are the Types of Workflow in Atlassian Jira?“. Now we will see how to activate workflow and add statues, transitions.

How to activate the workflow?

By default, all the workflow is inactive until and unless it will be associate with any project. Once workflow associated with any project then it will become active automatically. Workflow must be associated with workflow schema.

Follow the below steps to make it your workflow is Active.

  • Go to Project Setting as shown in below screen
Project Setting in Jira - Edutaxtuber
Project Setting in Jira

  • Once you click on project setting below screen will be open
Project setting detailed view  - EduTaxTuber
Project setting detailed view

  • Now you are in project setting from here, click on Workflows as shown in below screen:
Workflow in Jira project - EduTaxTuber
Workflow in Jira project
  • Now you need to click on “Add workflow” and select “Add existing
  • Here we are assuming we already have inactive workflow in our Jira instance
  • Please see the below screen shot for the same
Selecting existing workflow - EduTaxTuber
Selecting existing workflow

  • Once you will select “Add Existing” below screen will be pop-up
Selection of existing workflow  - EduTaxTuber
Selection of existing workflow

  • Here we need to select our existing workflow which is inactive
  • In our case we are selecting “Testingof MyOwn Workflow
  • After selection click on “Next” and it will ask from which issue type you want to associate with it.
  • Below screen will pop-up
Association with issue type - EduTaxTuber
Association with issue type
  • Here we are selecting “Bug” issue type you can select multiple and associate with it.
  • Click on Finish as shown on the above screen.
  • IF your project is already contain bug issue type then you need to provide mapping while publishing.
  • IF not then it will be associated directly and you don’t need to perform mapping.
  • After finishing it will ask you to publish as shown below screen:
Publishing workflow - EduTaxTuber
Publishing workflow

  • Since we have selected only “Bug” issue type and it contains 3 issues as shown in below screen:
Issue mapping while publishing  - EduTaxTuber
Issue mapping while publishing

  • Once you provided mapping just click on “associate” and below screen will pop up.
Workflow publishing - EduTaxTuber
Workflow publishing

  • Click on “Acknowledge” and your workflow has been published successfully.
  • Also workflow activated as shown in below screen:
Active workflow - EduTaxTuber
Active workflow

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