GSTN Introduces New facility to verify document Reference Number (RFN)

SYNOPSIS: GSTN introduces new facility – New facility to verify document Reference Number (RFN) mentioned on offline communications issued by State GST authorities GSTN Introduces new facility: The GST portal (“System”) generates various documents, such as notices/ orders, etc which are communicated to the taxpayer. Most such documents have a system-generated unique identifier DIN (Document […]

New Functionalities in GST Portal: December 2022

New Functionalities in GST: The Goods and Service Tax Network has issued a list of new functionalities made available for Taxpayers on the GST Portal (December 2022). The new functionalities include topics like drop proceedings, recompute interest, validation duplicate checks and others. Registration Form/Functionalities: Automation of Drop Proceedings for taxpayers suspended upon issuance of SCN […]