How to Freeze Panes to Lock Rows and Columns in Excel?

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Freeze Panes| When you are working on a large data in excel, then at the time of scroll sidebar or down scroll then column heading will not be visible for this you need to enable “Freeze Panes”. Let’s start…

What is Freeze Panes?

Freeze a portion of the sheet to keep it visible while you scroll through the rest of the sheet.

This is useful for checking out data in other parts of your worksheet without losing your headers or labels.

Freeze the First Column

To freeze the first column go to the “View” tab, in the “Window” group click on the “Freeze Panes” and select the option “Freeze First Column“. Let’s do it together

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Freeze the First Column Via Shortcut Key

If you want to freeze the first column via shortcut key then Press “ALT”, W, F,C key let’s see :

Freeze the First Two Columns

To freeze the first two columns, select the third column and go to the “View” tab in the “Window” group select on the “Freeze Panes” and click on the option “Freeze Panes”. Let’s see

Freeze the First Two Columns Via Shortcut Key

To Select the third column press the “CTRL + Space” key ( Note: Place your cursor in cell “C1”). Press key “ALT”,W, F,F. Let’s see

How to Unfreeze it?

To unfreeze it go to the “View” tab in the “Window” group click on the “Freeze panes” and select the option “Unfreeze Panes”. Let’s see

Unfreeze Panes Via Shortcut Key

To unfreeze panes via shortcut key, press “ALT”, W, F, F. Let’s See.

Freeze columns and rows

Select a cell, then go to the “View” Tab in the “Window” group click on the “Freeze Panes” select the option “Freeze Panes”. Here a selection of cell is important, Let’s see

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