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What is Microsoft Word?

Microsoft Word introduction: Microsoft Word is a word processing software developed by Microsoft. It helps you to create documents from scratch, add text, images, art, and videos, share your documents, and work with others, Create your Resume, etc.

Some Basic History

It was first released on 25th October 1983 under the name of Multi-Tool word. Later its name changed to “Microsoft Word”.

A Microsoft Windows version was released in 1989. Some Windows versions are Word 2007, Word 2010, Word 2013, Word 2016, and most recently, Word for Office 365, etc.

How to open/Launch?

Launch Word from the Start menu (Windows 10)

Click on Start Menu-> # and Select Letter “W” you will find a word icon click on that to open.

Launch Word via Start

Launch through Command Prompt (CMD)

Press Windows button + R after that type “Winword” and press enter then It will open. See below

Launch word via CMD

What is Ribbon in Word?

The ribbon is a collection of tabs, and each tab is divided into specific group. The ribbon is a user interface i.e. through which user gives command to specific task given in the different tabs.

The ribbon consists of following tabs:

Home, Insert, Design, Layout, Reference, Mailings, Review, Help and one special “Tell me what you want to do”.

Click on the Image below:

Ribbon Word Tabs

Home Tab:

This tab is by default enabled. It consists of five groups – 1. Clipboard, 2. Font, 3. Paragraph, 4. Styles, 5. Editing.

Click on the Image below:

Insert Tab:

Insert tab helps you to add tables, pictures, smartArt, Header, Footer, etc. The Insert Tab group consists of: Pages, Tables, Illustrations, Add-ins, Media, Links, Comments, Header & Footer, Text, Symbols.

Click on the Image below:

Design Tab:

This tab helps in designing page like insert theme, watermark, page color, Page Borders etc. It consists of two groups: 1. Document Formatting, 2. Page Background.

Click on the Image below:

Layout Tab:

This is a page setting tab, With the help of this tab, you can change the look of the page like margin setting, Orientation, Page breaks, line spacing, etc. It consists of three groups: 1. Page Setup, 2. Paragraph, 3. Arrange.

Click on the Image below:

References Tab:

It helps you to create ->table of contents, insert Footnote, Citations & Bibliography, Captions, etc. This tab consists of seven groups: 1. Table of Contents, 2. Footnotes, 3. Research, 4. Citations & Bibliography, 5. Captions, 6. Index, 7. Table of Authorities.

Click on the Image below:

Mailing Tab:

This tab helps you to send mails to many people in single click like mail merge, writing and inserting fields like address block | greeting lines etc. It consists of five groups: 1. Create, 2. Start Mail Merge, 3. Write and Insert Fields, 4. Preview Results, 5. Finish.

Click on the Image below:

Review Tab:

This tab helps to proof your document like spelling & Grammar | word Count, Check Accessibility, track changes, compare, etc. It consists of the following groups: Proofing, Accessibility, Language, Comments, Tracking, Changes, Compare, Protect, ink, OneNote.

Click on the Image below:

View Tab:

This tab helps you to change the mode of the page like reading Mode, Print Layout, Enable/disable Ruler, Gridlines, Navigation Pane, Zoom in, Zoom out, etc. It consists of seven groups: 1. Views, 2. Page Movement, 3. Show, 4. Zoom, 5. Window, 6. Macros, 7. SharePoint.

Click on the Image below:

Help Tab:

This tab consists of help from Microsoft, Feedback and Show Training etc.

Click on the Image below:

Tell me what you want to do

This is new feature in word, through this you need to just type like type “Add Table” select the number of rows and columns, it will add table in your document.

Click on the Image below:

Word new feature Tell me what you want to do

If you face any issue while using Microsoft word, then please do write your query below in the comment box!

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