For Beginners: Introduction to Microsoft OneNote

In this article, we will learn about Microsoft OneNote. It is a software developed by Microsoft. So let’s start…

What is OneNote?

OneNote is a digital notebook developed by Microsoft. It is a part of Microsoft Office. It is a perfect app for almost everything like type notes, record audio, add pictures, video, Sketch, write your ideas, etc.

What You Can do with OneNote?

With the help of OneNote you can:

1. Make your own notes or record audio at your laptop/desktop

2. Add picture or videos from smart phone

3. Find your notes instantly

4. You can move your notes freely around the page

5. Organize those page into sections

6. Switch devices and pick up right where you left off.

7. Share your notebooks with others.

How to Launch/Open?

Launch Word from the Start menu (Windows 10)

Click on Start Menu-> # and Select Letter “O” you will find an OneNote icon click on that to open.

Launch through Command Prompt (CMD)

Press “Windows button + R” after that type “Onenote” and press enter then It will open. See below

Understanding Its Hierarchy

Once you understand its hierarchy then you can easily create notebooks in OneNote. In OneNote there are three main hierarchical levels.

1. Notebooks, 2. sections, and 3. pages.

First is Notebook you can create multiple notebook name your notebook as per your need.

Second one is “Sections”, under one notebook you can create multiple sections and name it as per your need.

Third one is “Page”, you can create multiple pages in sections.

How to Create a notebook?

Open/Launch OneNote for windows 10.

To create a notebook click on show navigation (Notebooks icon), click on the Notebook, and finally click on the “+” icon Add notebook.

New Notebook pop-up screen will appear, name your notebook and click on the “Create Notebook” button. lets see…

Finally, your digital notebook is created and you can add sections and pages as per your need.

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