For Beginners: Basics of Microsoft Excel With Examples

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What is excel ?

Excel is a software program developed by “Microsoft” .Excel makes crunching numbers easy. With Excel, AutoFill feature you can streamline data entry. Then, get your data-based chart recommendations and create them with a single click. Or, with data bars, color coding and icons, you can easily spot trends and patterns.

How Many Rows & Columns are in one Excel Sheet ?

Number of Columns =16,384 (XFD)


Number of Rows = 10,48,576



🥇Test Your Knowledge !🥉

How To Create a workbook?

  1. Open Excel.
  2. Select Blank workbook.Or, press Ctrl+N.
Excel create a workbook

Enter data

To manually enter data:

  1. Select an empty cell, such as A1, and then type text or a number.
  2. Press Enter or Tab to move to the next cell.

To fill data in a series:

  1. Enter the beginning of the series in two cells: such as Jan and Feb; or 2014 and 2015.
  2. Select the two cells containing the series, and then drag the fill handle Fill handle across or down the cells.

Entering data in a cell 🥇Test Your Knowledge !🥉

How to Save Your Workbook ?

Save a workbook to OneDrive to access it from different devices and share and collaborate with others.

  1. Select File > Save As.
    • For work or school, select
      OneDrive – .
    • For personal files, select
      OneDrive – Personal.
  2. Enter a file name and select Save.

How To Insert or Delete a sheet ?

In Excel, the worksheet can be quickly inserted, renamed, and deleted (in Workbook). One excel workbook contain multiple sheet. Insert a Worksheet

  • Select the  Select  plus icon at the bottom of the screen, OR
  • Select Home > Insert > Insert Sheet,OR
  • Press Shift+F11 or Alt+Shift+F1
Insert Cells

Rename a worksheet

  • Double-click the sheet name on the Sheet tab to quickly rename it.
  • Or, right-click on the Sheet tab, click Rename, and type a new name.

Delete a worksheet

  1. Right-click the Sheet tab and select Delete Delete.
  2. Or, select the sheet, and then select Home > Delete > Delete Sheet.

How To Move or Copy Worksheets or Worksheet Data ?

You can move or copy the worksheet  to the same workbook to organize your workbook exactly as you want it to be.

Move a worksheet within a workbook Select the worksheet tab,and drag it to where you want it.


Copy a worksheet in the same workbook

  • Press CTRL and drag the worksheet tab to the tab location you want.


  1. Right click on the worksheet tab and select Move or Copy.
  2. Select the Create a copy checkbox.
  3. Under Before sheet, select where you want to place the copy.
  4. Select OK.

How To Find Blanks ?

In a big data you can find blanks:

  1. Select data (CTRL + A ) -> Press CTRL + G -> Select “Special“-> Popup will come -> Select  “Blanks” all blanks will be highlighted and press “0” after that press “CTRL + ENTER”.

How To Make Background White ?

  • Select All – “CTRL + A”.
  • Press “Alt” and release it.
  • Press “H” and once again press “H”.
  • Select “White Colour” or Press “Enter”.

How To Remove “Gridlines” ?

  • Press:”Alt” release it.
  • Press: “W” release it.
  • Press: “V” release it and then press “G”.
  • By repeating it once again- “Gridlines will be restored”

How To Insert Number In Series (Rows & Columns)? How To do Automation of Numbers?

Note: Enter “1” where you want to start.

  • Press “Alt” release it.
  • Press “H” release it.
  • Press “F” release it & Press “I
  • Then press “S

How To Find Duplicates ?

Via Mouse:

  • Select the area/Cell/Row/Column you want to find duplicate.
  • Go to “Home” Tab
  • Under Home Tab Select “Conditional Formatting”.
  • Under conditional formatting select “Highlight Cells Rules”
  • Under Highlight Cell Rules select “Duplicate Values” after that select the option for cell highlight.


Via Keyboard shortcut

  • Press “Alt” release it.
  • Press “H” release it.
  • Press “L” release it.
  • Press “H” release it.
  • Press “D” release it.
  • Select the option for duplicate cell Highlights.

How To Remove Duplicates ?

Via Mouse:

  • Select the data
  • Go to “Data” Tab
  • Select ” Remove Duplicates”


Via Keyboard: ( Alt,A,M)

  • Select the Data
  • Press “Alt” release it
  • Press “A” release it
  • Press “M” release it

How To Use Filter in Excel ?

Select Data and then under “Home” Tab under Editing section select “Sort & Filter”

Under “Sort &  Filter” select “Filter”


You can add filter in your data via short -cut.

Select the data after that

Press “CTRL + Shift + L”

You can see below – how to do it -Live .


How To Swap Cell (Row & Column) ?

Select the Cell/ Row / Column you want to swap and after that hold “SHIFT” key and  drag the Cell / Row / Column where and from which you want to swap. See live with examples.


How To Do Autosum In Excel ?

Go to the cell where you want to do “Autosum”  and after that press the following key

“ALT  and  += “. See the whole steps in detail.

Note: Provided that there should no blank between the sum range.


List of Excel ShortCuts

In this video you  guy’s can learn excel shortcuts that will increase your speed in excel and more content will be added soon so stay tuned and

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How To Change Case in Excel- Lower, Upper And Proper Case ?

  •  Change from Uppercase to lowercase :
    • Use formula  “Lower”. What is “Lower” Formula ?
    • Converts all letters in a text string to lowercase.
  • Change from Uppercase to Proper case :
    • Use formula “Proper”. Whats is “Proper” Formula ?
    • Converts a text string Proper case; the first letter in each word to uppercase, and all other letters to lowercase.
  • Change from Lowercase to Uppercase:
    • Use formula “Upper”. What is “Upper” Formula ?
    • Converts a text string to all uppercase letters.

Now we will see live :
How To Group or Ungroup Columns or Rows ?

For Grouping  Rows or Columns:

Select the Columns or Rows  from where you want to do grouping.

After that press “ALT” + “SHIFT”+” → ‘RIGHT ARROW’”

For Ungrouping  Rows or Columns:

Select the columns or Rows and press “ALT” + “SHIFT”+” ←’LEFT ARROW’”

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