Excel sum only numbers ignore #N/A

Excel Sum Only Numbers ignore #N/A – Excel Tips

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Excel Sum Only Numbers ignore #N/A

Excel sum only numbers ignore #N/A

While working in excel you may have faced this issue that you want to do sum of column or row that contain “#N/A” due to this you can’t apply sum formula because it will throw error. Here we will understand this and solve this issue with example.

Let’s Understand with Example – #N/A

Excel #N/A

Suppose this is the data you are working on it and you want sum of the above if you use SUM formula it will through as below shown:

Excel sum error when #N/A

To solve this issue you need to remove #N/A and then apply the formula and it will work. Here our target is not this our target is that even data has #N/A then also that formula work without deleting it.

So to solve this issue we will use SUMIF formula and it will ignore the #N/A. Let’s see with the above example.

Excel Sum Only Numbers ignore #N/A

so you need to use the formula in this way =SUMIF(C2:C17,”<>#N/A”)

Excel #N/A error solved

In this way you can solve this issue and do your work without any worry. Here you need not to remove #N/A only use sumif formula and it will work.

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