Difference Between Manual Accounting & The Computerized Accounting

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Difference Between Manual Accounting & The Computerized Accounting

In this post, we will see the difference between Manual Accounting and Computerized Accounting.

In accounting, the transactions are recorded, processed, and presented as per the applicable financial reporting framework and the final result is the financial statements. These financial statements help the readers in the decision-making.

What is Manual Accounting?

The manual Accounting system is a traditional system of accounting that uses physical registers, books, vouchers, etc. to keep the financial record. In this system, all the calculations are performed manually.

What is Computerized Accounting?

The Computerized Accounting system is a modern accounting system that uses accounting software for recording of financial transactions electronically like Tally SAP etc. In the computerized accounting system, only the input data is required, the calculations are performed by the computer system.

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Accounting in Textbooks Vs. Accounting in Companies

Accounting in Textbooks
Accounting in Companies
(Using Computers)
Accounting is done manually using pen and physical registers, books, vouchers, etcAccounting is done with the help of computers like using some software TallyPrime, SAP, etc.
In books (Manual) we follow the following steps:
1. Record Entries
2. Prepare Ledgers
3.Prepare Trial Balance
4. Prepare Profit & Loss – Balance Sheet
But in a Computerized system we do the following:
1. Create Ledger
2. Record Entries
Computer software automatically prepares trial balance, Balance Sheet any other reports as per the requirement.
In this accounting system, there are more chances of errors.There are fewer chances of errors.

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