Date & Time Function | How to Use the Excel NETWORKDAYS Function?

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In the previous post, we saw ‘Financial Function | How to use Excel XIRR Function?‘, now we will learn about the Excel NETWORKDAYS Function.

How to Find Date & Time Function?

To find Date & Time function in excel open excel and click on the “Blank” to open a blank excel worksheet now click on the ‘Formula Tab’ and under ‘Function Library’ click on the ‘Date & Time’ option as shown below:

What is NETWORKDAYS Function?

The NETWORKDAYS function calculates the number of working days between two dates. It Returns the number of whole working days between start_date and end_date. Working days exclude weekends and any dates identified in holidays [Networkdays excludes all weekends (Saturdays and Sundays) in between two dates and returns the remaining number of days].

NETWORKDAYS function can be used to calculate employee benefits that accrue based on the number of days worked during a specific term.


NETWORKDAYS(start_date, end_date, [holidays])


There are three arguments to the Networkdays function; start date, end date, and holidays. The start date and end date are the starting and ending dates of the period under consideration. Both of them are mandatory. Holidays is an optional argument.

Start_date    Required. A date that represents the start date.

End_date    Required. A date that represents the end date

Holidays    Optional. An optional range of one or more dates to exclude from the working calendar, such as state and federal holidays and floating holidays.

Understand With Example

NETWORKDAYS excel function

In the above example, the start date is given in cell B5. The end date is given in cell C5. The holiday is given in cell E5 – it can be a list of ranges that contain the holiday list.

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