CTRL + SHIFT + L: Apply Filter in Excel

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CTRL + SHIFT +L: Do you know what is the use of this shortcut? If you know this then write your reply in the comment box. It is related to filter in excel.

It can be difficult to find information quickly if your worksheet contains a lot of content. Excel Filter, is used to narrow down the data in your worksheet so that you only see what you need.

How do you Apply Filter in Excel?

Normally you will select the data and go to the “Home” tab under the editing section in “Sort & Filter” click on the “filter” option from the dropdown menu as shown below:

Excel filter: CTRL + SHIFT + L
Excel Filter: CTRL + SHIFT + L

Or you can go to the “Data” tab under sort & filter section click on the “filter” as below shown


this is the basic and long way to do but you should first learn the longcut and then move on the shortcut, it will help you to understand in a better way.

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Press CTRL + SHIFT + L

When you select the data and press “CTRL + SHIFT + L” you will see the filter will be applied to your data as below shown:


If you follow the above step you can easily apply filter using the keyboard shortcut ” CTRL + SHIFT + L”, it will save your lot of time.

Watch the Video to apply filter

Apply filter in your data and excel filter shortcut

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