CISCE has decided to CANCEL the ICSE (Class X) 2021 Examination

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CISCE has decided to CANCEL the ICSE (Class X) 2021 Examination


CISCE/CIR/2021 – 19th April 2021

To: All Heads of Schools presenting candidates for the ICSE & ISC 2021 Examinations

Subject: Important notification regarding the ICSE & ISC 2021 Examinations

Dear Principal,

The ICSE (Class X) 2021 Examination: Given the present worsening situation of the Covid- 19 Pandemic in the country, the CISCE has decided to CANCEL the ICSE (Class X) 2021 Examination. The options given in the earlier Circular dated 16th April 2021, now stands withdrawn. The safety and wellbeing of our students and teaching faculty is our topmost priority and of paramount interest.

Class XI Admissions and start of classes for these students: All CISCE affiliated schools (having the ISC Section) are hereby advised to begin the admission process for Class XI, if not already started. In addition, schools should prepare a schedule to begin online classes for the Class XI students at the earliest. The syllabus to be followed is the ISC 2023 syllabus.

The ISC (Class XII) 2021 Examination: The status of the ISC (Class XII) 2021 Examination remains the same, as per the Circular dated 16th April 2021.

‘A fair and an unbiased criterion’ and date of result declaration: The CISCE is committed to devising ‘a fair and an unbiased criterion’ as stated earlier. The criterion on which basis the results will be declared for the ICSE (Class X) students and the date of result declaration will be announced by the CISCE later.

You are requested to kindly disseminate the above information to all concerned.

With warm regards,

Yours sincerely,

Gerry Arathoon

Chief Executive & Secretary

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