Beware of Vishing calls - Financial Frauds that Will Make Your Account Balance "0"

Beware of Vishing calls – Financial Frauds that Will Make Your Account Balance “0”

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Beware of Vishing calls

Today we will understand the term Vishing Calls – with this single call your bank account balance may become “0” so beware of it and understand it so that you can prevent it.

In the Vishing Calls Imposters call or approach the customers through telephone calls / social media posing as bankers/company executives/insurance agents/government officials, etc. To gain confidence, imposters share a few customer details such as the customer’s name or date of birth.

In some cases, imposters pressurize / trick customers into sharing confidential details such as passwords / OTP / PIN / Card Verification Value (CVV) etc., by citing an urgency/emergency such as – need to block an unauthorised transaction, payment required to stop some penalty, an attractive discount, etc. These credentials are then used to defraud the customers.


Bank officials / financial institutions /RBI/any genuine entity never ask customers to share confidential information such as username / password / card details / CVV / OTP.

Never share these confidential details with anyone, even your own family members, and friends.

Keeping in the above-given points we can prevent this type of fraud. In case this type of fraud happens you need to immediately block your card. Make Immediate complaints with RBI and with your bank and also your branch account.

Also do not forget to report this type of fraud with Cyber Crime.

Share this so that people are aware of this and prevent them from fraud.

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