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Income Tax/Goods & Service Tax (GST)/Companies Act,2013

Basis of Charge – Charge of Income Tax

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 Basis of Charge – Charge of Income Tax

Section 4

  • Section 4(1)
  • Section 4(2)

4. (1) Where any Central Act enacts that income-tax shall be charged for any assessment year at any rate or rates, income-tax at that rate or those rates shall be charged for that year in accordance with, and subject to the provisions (including provisions for the levy of additional income-tax) of, this Act in respect of the total income of the previous year of every person :

 Basis of Charge – Charge of Income Tax

Provided that where by virtue of any provision of this Act income-tax is to be charged in respect of the income of a period other than the previous year, income-tax shall be charged accordingly.

(2) In respect of income chargeable under sub-section (1), income-tax shall be deducted at the source or paid in advance, where it is so deductible or payable under any provision of this Act.

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​​​​​After ascertaining the total income, i.e., income liable to tax, the next step is to compute the tax liability for the year. Tax liability is to be computed by applying the rates prescribed in this regard. 

(*) Rebate under section 86 is available to a member of association of persons (AOP) or body of individuals (BOI) in respect of income received by such member from the AOP/BOI.Rebate (i.e., relief) under section 89 is available to a salaried employee in respect of sum received towards arrears of salary, gratuity, etc.Rebate under sections​ 90, 90A and 91​ is available to a taxpayer in respect of double taxed income, i.e., income which is taxed in India as well as abroad.

Note : For provisions relating to Minimum Alternate Tax (MAT) in case of corporate taxpayers and Alternate Minimum Tax (AMT)  in case of non-corporate taxpayers refer tutorial on “MAT/AMT”. ​

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